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Ideal solution

Examples of charging infrastructure using our stations

Industrial parkHousing
Guesthause by bike path
Shopping mallHcenter
Axonometrie areálu firmy



All charging stations installed with integrated charging cables for everyday convenience. Charging infrastructure consists of several DEL Tower AC stations for the fleet and one Vector DC75 for visitors and urgent recharging.

Thanks to its modularity, this solution is ready for easy expansion. Dynamic load balancing ensures enough energy for every charging car.

DEL TowerVector DC75
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Axonometrie panelákového sídliště

Housing estate

limited space, restricted sidewalk by perpendiculary parked cars. every parking place counts.

AC charging is provided by single-sided DEL Tower charging stations with additional distribution poles. This minimizes required space while maintaining a short distance to charging outlets.

Thanks to dynamic power regulation and compatibility with ISO 15118, there is no need to worry about power grid congestion.

DEL Tower
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Axonometrie parkoviště u nádraží

P+R parking

parkinglot at railway station, 4 charging locations for regular commuters

One DEL Tower AC charging station in double-sided design serves 4 ev charging spots. The integrated payment terminal together with "anti-vandal" design is the ideal solution for less frequented places.

One station is able to provide above-standard coverage for ev charging needs.

DEL Tower
Axonometrie penzionu u lesa

Guesthause next to bike park

garden restaurant, vacation destination, e-bike and ev charging

3 slots for electric cars, 6 slots for electric bikes. All covered by one AC charger.

Charging solution not only for guests, but also for restaurant visitors who stop during an e-bike ride.

DEL Tower
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Axonometrie obchodního domu


shopping, meeting place, movie teather. THERE IS MUCH MORE TO DO IN A SHOPPING MALL TODAY, LET’S top up YOUR EV DURING THE STAY

DC fast charging for customers using our Vector DC75 stations. With its DUAL function, the number of connection points multiplies, so there is no need for waiting or reconnecting. Flexibility and user comfort increases. Large touchscreen can be useed for advertising.

Shopping center thus gains another reason for a visit.

Vector DC75
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Axonometrie historického centra


beautiful architecture, high quality materials, concentrated energy. limited space.

Clean, unobtrusive design and brushed stainless steel finish helps with blending with its surroundings. The possibility to combine double-sided and single-sided stations with distribution poles makes it possible to ideally solve charging even in confined spaces without making obstacles to other citizens.

Creation of charging locations is thus possible on nearly every street.

DEL Tower
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