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Vector DC65

Two in One

The Vector DC75 exceeds the performance requirements in its category. It brings several practical benefits. Such as the DUAL function which divides the available output power in DC - 75 kW - between two charging connectors and allows simultaneous charging of two electric cars. 

At the same time, it can be charged in AC mode with an output power of 22 kW or 43 kW. It is possible to choose between the standards commonly used in Europe (CCS 2.0 and Chademo 1.0)


Charging according to the latest standards

Vector DC75 is compatible with ISO 15118 Plug & Charge. It enables dynamically and statically regulated charging based on current capacities and set priorities.

Skupina DC stanic + DEL Tower

Complex solution

By combining our Vector DC75 and DEL Tower stations, it is possible to create a charging cluster with dynamic load balancing. 

We are competent to supply High Power Charging solutions with hundreds of kWs charging power in DC and output voltage up to 1000V.

We are thus able to cover a wide range of applications. From a small DC charging station to public transport depots and logistics centres.

Detail displeje Vector DC65

Connectivity for the 21st century

Vector DC75 supports open communication standards and it can be integrated into any back-end system (OCPP 1.5 and 1.6) for commercial use. User authorisation can be done using NFC or RFID and a payment terminal can be installed. The station allows connectivity over 3G/4G module and Ethernet. Wi-Fi hotspot can be configured. 

Station is controlled over large touch screen, which can run your advertisements.