We are DEL!

We have been finding solutions for our clients from various areas of industry for 25 years. We offer comprehensive turnkey deliveries, we design and integrate third-party solutions. Our customers are major companies in the field of automotive, heavy, and light industry, energy sector, and engineering.

In cooperation with our subsidiary NES, major Slovak manufacturer of electrical power sources, we have developed a unique solution for charging stations for electric vehicles.

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Our core values:

We believe in sustainability through quality and durability

To be truly ecological, product must last a long time. Made from high quality materials, offering long-term serviceability, and using recycled materials. This is a responsible approach for us with a vision of a long-life cycle.


Flexible approach
to customer solutions

We are used to make custom equipment. Automated lines, single-purpose machines, robotic workplaces. This is our world. That is why we can offer a high degree of flexibility even at charging stations and flexibly solve the atypical requirements of our customers.



It is not just an empty phrase. We have long supported activities of youth sports, modern art, and socially beneficial activities of civil society. We are convinced that the company should cultivate its behaviour as well.


We remember our roots

Although we operate worldwide, we do not forget that our headquarters are in Zdar and Sazavou in the Czech Republic. We perceive regional patriotism as our advantage.


We use renewable

Within our complex, we use energy from our own solar power plant, and we plan to increase its share. We are on the way to carbon neutral production.


Combination of experience and latest trends

Our company has been on the market for 25 years and we have considerable know-how from various fields. We see it as a great advantage that our experienced employees can pass this knowledge on to future generations of technicians and together form a comprehensive team.